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Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience, building side projects with Elixir.


Estimate your stories & tasks faster in real time without letting the first response influence the others.

Alguém Recommenda? (pt-BR)

List of Brazilian businesses offering products or services in greater Montréal. 🇧🇷 💙 🇨🇦

VSCode Extension: TeamDocs

TeamDocs ensures that your centralized documentation is conveniently accessible from the Activity Bar, regardless of the specific project you are currently working on.


Bad Advice for indie hackers: Focus on one thing.

indie hacking

Underrated VSCode feature: Search Editor

vscode , productivity

Underrated VSCode feature: Native Tabs

vscode , productivity

How to get unstuck


"I like to write"


The secret behind my productivity using the command line

terminal , productivity

How to provide configs to React on Phoenix and esbuild

elixir , phoenix

🐠 Fish, the shell


Expanding Rails' STI to your architecture

architecture , rails

A year of ruby meetups in Kitchener


Use ctags to jump to definition even inside ruby gems


How to reload your vim configs without exiting vim