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Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience, building side projects with Elixir.


Estimate your stories & tasks faster in real time without letting the first response influence the others.

Alguém Recommenda? (pt-BR)

List of Brazilian businesses offering products or services in greater Montréal. 🇧🇷 💙 🇨🇦

VSCode Extension: TeamDocs

TeamDocs ensures that your centralized documentation is conveniently accessible from the Activity Bar, regardless of the specific project you are currently working on.


Bad Advice for Solopreneurs: Focus on one thing.

solopreneurship, indie hacking

Underrated VSCode feature: Search Editor

vscode, productivity

Underrated VSCode feature: Native Tabs

vscode, productivity

How to get unstuck


"I like to write"


The secret behind my productivity using the command line

terminal, productivity

How to provide configs to React on Phoenix and esbuild

elixir, phoenix

🐠 Fish, the shell


Expanding Rails' STI to your architecture

architecture, rails

A year of ruby meetups in Kitchener


Use ctags to jump to definition even inside ruby gems


How to reload your vim configs without exiting vim


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