March / 2020
Architecturally significant requirements and constraints

I'm reading Design It by Michael Keeling and I came across the concepts of architecturally significant requirement and technical and business constraints. It's nice to understand them a bit better because it helps us focus on what it is important when discussing a feature.

February / 2020
What is software architecture?

I've been reading a lot about software architecture lately, mostly George Fairbanks, Piotr Solnica, David Bryant Copeland, Martin Fowler and Michael Keeling, but what is it?

December / 2019
A year of ruby meetups in Kitchener

Contributed to Rails and other open source projects, learned great things on talks, helped others with their projects and more!

November / 2019
How to add columns with a default value to large tables

If you worked with a large database you know that you can't just run an alter table to add a column with a default value, maybe you tried it and it failed -- like me awhile ago 🤕 -- but what if you really need to do that? That's what I'm about to tell you in these four simple steps.

Little trick to use ctags to jump to definition even inside gems like Rails on vim

This is really helpful especially if you need to debug other people's gems or your own. 👌

July / 2019
Introduction to vimL for vimmers

After some time using vim, you feel the need to customize it a bit more, let's see a few things you can do to start.

How to reload your vim configs without exiting vim

This can be very useful, I'm going to show how to reload your vim configs anytime you save them or using a command and a map.

Command line programs I use in a day-to-day basis

xargs and awk are very useful when grepping and combining commands, but Alacritty is very impressive, if you run heavy terminal program I'd give it a try.

August / 2018
My editor journey: sublime, vim, emacs, vscode

How I've used sublime text, vim, emacs and vscode over my career as a software developer.

vim , vscode
July / 2018
Use-case oriented rails applications

I will bring here an approachable solution for building rails applications using some fundamentals of the so-called clean architecture. But, what is it?