This can be very useful, I’m going to show how to reload your vim configs anytime you save them or using a command and a map.

neovim showing reloaded

Make your configs reloadable

Add ! on your commands and functions like this:

function! ToggleLineNumbers()
  if &number == 1
    set nonumber
    set number

command! GoToDefinitionUsingCTags execute ':tag ' . expand("<cword>")

Using ! means that you are overwriting the function/commands if it is already loaded.

Option #1: Auto command

When using an auto command, vim is going to source – or reload – your vim configs every time you save them.

" the BufWritePost event gets triggered after writing buffers to files
autocmd! BufWritePost *.vim* so $MYVIMRC

$MYVIMRC is the path to your vimrc file.

Option #2: Command and map

When using a command, vim is also going to source your configs, but only when you call the command.

command! ReloadVimConfigs so $MYVIMRC
  \| echo 'configs reloaded!'

After adding it to your vimrc, you need to type :ReloadVimConfigs.

I prefer this option because I have more control over when my configs are reloaded.

You can create a map for that:

map <C-r> :ReloadVimConfig<CR>

That’s all, hope you enjoyed. Any problems or questions? Please reach out on twitter and I can help you out.