How to reload your vim configs without exiting vim

July 26, 2019 vim

neovim showing reloaded


Your vim configs need to be reloadable for this do work.

Nothing major, just make sure you use ! on your commands and functions.

function! ToggleLineNumbers()
  if &number == 1
    set nonumber
    set number

command! GoToDefinitionUsingCTags execute ':tag ' . expand("<cword>")

Using ! means that you are overwriting the function/commands if it is already loaded.

Reloading vim configs automatically when you save them

What we need is to source our vim configs every time vim finishes writing a buffer into a file.

" BufWritePost gets triggered when after
" writing the whole buffer to a file
autocmd! BufWritePost *.vim* so $MYVIMRC

More on auto commands and more here: Introduction to vimL for vimmers

Reloading vim configs using a command

Would be nice if we could give the user (us) some feedback that the configs were reloaded?

For that we just need to create a command to source our $VIMRC and print something to the command line:

" reload vim configuration (aka vimrc)
command! ReloadVimConfigs so $MYVIMRC
  \| echo 'configs reloaded!'

We can also make a map for that, let’s CTRL + r ?

map <C-r> :ReloadVimConfig<CR>

That’s all, hope you enjoyed. Any problems or questions? Please leave a comment and I can help you out.