I like to write

That’s the biggest lie I ever told myself – and I tell myself a bunch of lies! – I never really liked to write.

Whenever I wanted to create a blog – which I don’t know why I would want such a thing – I would do exactly that, create a blog from the ground up.

That would mean:

  1. testing a number of blogging technologies – Jekyll, Ghost, Hugo, etc
  2. spending some time choosing a CSS framework like Tailwind and making it work with the above
  3. choosing where to host the blog, then setup https
  4. finding a way to add syntax highlighting – of course, because I would write about code!
  5. designing a nice looking layout
  6. adding light & dark themes based on system preferences in addition to a manual toggle
  7. figuring out RSS

and the list goes on and on, but it never really gets to actually writing blog posts.

This changes now.


  • Practice my writting skills. The ability to communicate effectively via text is highly important for working remotely, which is my case.
  • I can just share a link instead of repeating myself when sharing knowledge with friends and collegues.
  • I always learn something new when writting a blog post and it adds to my career.
  • It reinforces my understanding of the things I blogging about.
  • I can go back and remember my thinking behind subjects.

… because I want to write.